Benedict XVINewsPoliticsPro-Life
March 14, 2007

B-16 Drops the Bomb. . . Again

Pope Benedict has once again reafirmed his position that reception of the Eucharist requires adherence to Church doctrine. There must be "eucharistic consistency," especially from those who are in the public square. Yesterday…
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May 8, 2007

Children Bad for the Planet. Huh?

According to The Sunday Times (London), The Optimum Population Trust has just come out with a new study that fingers large families for contributing significantly to global warming. Mind you, large families are…
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Mary Mother of LifeMedia ReformPro-LifeSr. Marie-Andre
May 21, 2007

Sr. Marie-Andre, SCMC – Mary Mother of Life – Pro-Life Victory

Ave Maria! Hello-Hola-Bonjour-Buon Giorno, etc. Do you believe that the U.S. can have a pro-life victory this year (or sooner) and spread the good news throughout the world, through pro-life media reform? I…
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Air MariaFi NewsPoliticsPro-Life
May 24, 2007

Video – F.I. News #18: Pro-family, Rally CT State House, 23rd May 2007

FI News #18 - Our F.I. Roving Reporter, Friar Roderic Mary, Interviews the Family Institute of CT's Peter Wolfgang at the CT State House at the Pro-family Rally on Weds, 23rd May, 2007…
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Face of Pro-LifePro-Life
July 3, 2007

Video – Face of Pro-Life #10: Life in the Womb

Face of Pro-Life #10 - Corinn Dahm and Joe Collison on the Baby's Life in the Womb >>> Play Ave Maria! Joe Collison discusses with hostess Corinn Dahm the life of a child…
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August 11, 2007

Reproductive Health Services…thanks UN!

The United Nations has long outlived its usefulness but a report issued by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) yesterday (10 Aug) confirms that it should be dissolved, or at a minimum removed from…
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August 22, 2007

You Have the Right…To Kill

I still don't get it, how a woman has a "right" to kill her child. It's insane. Never fear that Planned Parenthood is there to protect that "right". It seems PP is in…
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Corinn DahmFace of Pro-LifePro-LifeSpecial Event
September 4, 2007

Video – Face of Pro-Life #11: Dr. Paul Byrne on Brain Death and Organ Transplants

Face of Pro-Life #11 - Dr. Paul Byrne on the Morality of Major Organ Transplant (29min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Dr. Paul Byrne referring to his book Life, Life Support, and Death talks…
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Corinn DahmPro-LifeRoving Reporter
September 26, 2007

Video – Roving Reporter #14: 40 Days for Life, Norwich, CT

Roving Reporter #14 - Friar Roderic Mary talks with Corinn Dahm, who was instrumental in organizing the "40 Days for Life" in Norwich, and has often been seen here at AirMaria on "The…
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