Video – F.I. News #18: Pro-family, Rally CT State House, 23rd May 2007

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Ave Maria!

The FI news team covered the pro Marriage Rally held at the Connecticut State Capital yesterday Morning which was organized by the Family Institute of CT. Over 300 people took time off work to give support for keeping the traditional definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman. This is in spite of the fact that the bill to redefine marriage had already been defeated! The pro gay marriage group also had a gathering at the same time and only turned out about 16 people! This rally of families on a gloriously beautiful spring day was a great celebration of the defeat of this bill, and sent a powerful pro family message to the CT legislature and to National and State legislatures across the US. But prayers are still needed.

Ave Maria!

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  • fra John says:

    I am impressed by fra Roderic’s reporting talent displayed in this informative and well done video.

  • Cephas says:

    Wow, fra Roderick, a man of many talents; good to see you are not burying them. Now is there any way of reversing the civil union law?

  • apostolate says:

    Ave Maria! Cephas,

    Ah! My friends from the Free Republic debate on Marian Coredemption have found me. Welcome to Air Maria!

    Thanks for the encouragement. This was my debute as a news reporter. I still need much practice.

    Civil unions? That will take more time and prayers. But with the good people who are at work on this… stay tuned!

    -Fra Roderic

    Ave Maria!