Fr. JacintoGriswold, CTHomily
April 22, 2018

The Loving Care of God – Apr 22 – Homily – Fr Jacinto

  Fr Jacinto gives the homily at Griswold, CT on Apr 22 on how the loving care of God is often compared to a shepherd in the Bible. The shepherd defends his flock…
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Fr. Dominic MurphyGriswold, CTHomily
April 21, 2018

Faith in the Eucharist – Apr 21 – Homily – Fr Dominic

  Fr Dominic gives the homily at Griswold, CT on Apr 21 on how many would not accept Christ's teaching on His Body and His blood, but we have faith in Christ. We…
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Marian NewsNews
April 20, 2018

Smiling Virgin Mary Fresco Puzzles Scientists

Ave Maria!  A beautiful, ancient fresco of the Virgin Mary from Turkey has scientists scratching their heads and debating with one another.  It's incredibly unusual to see the Virgin Mary smiling in one…
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Bloomington, INFr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
April 20, 2018

Faith Seeking Understanding – Apr 20 – Homily – Fr Ignatius

  Fr Ignatius gives the homily at Bloomington, IN on Apr 20 on how we can seek understanding in faith but we must avoid having our faith depend on our understanding, since God…
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Fr. Daniel MahanTour of the Catechism
April 18, 2018

Video – 6th Commandment – Children & Dignity of Marriage – Tour of the Catechism #90

  Part III - Life in Christ - #2373 - 2400 Fr. Mahan continues with his discussion of the 6th Commandment "You shall not commit adultery" (Ex 20:14) where the Catechism applies this…
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Fr. Matthias SaskoHomilyNew Bedford, MA
April 18, 2018

Frequent Communion – Apr 18 – Homily – Fr Matthias

  Fr Matthias gives the homily at New Bedford on Apr 18 on how the Church encourages us to receive Communion frequently, but reminds us we must do so with a right and devout…
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Fr. Alan WhartonHomilyNew Bedford, MA
April 17, 2018

Bread of Life: Jesus’ Real Presence – Apr 17 – Homily – Fr Alan

  Fr Alan explains that belief in the Eucharist as Jesus' Real Presence, "body, blood, soul, and divinity," under the sacramental appearance of bread and wine, is essential to true Catholic, Christian faith.…
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Immaculate MusicNews
April 16, 2018

F.I. Music Concert

Ave Maria, Here is an old video of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. This is a concert that took place on September 15, 2011, at the conclusion of a Marian symposium in Frigento,…
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