Bloomington, INFr. Josemaria BarbinHomily
February 22, 2018

Peter, Principle of Unity – Feb 22 – Homily – Fr Josemaria

  Fr Josemaria gives the homily at Bloomington, IN on Feb 22 on the feast of the Chair of St. Peter and how Peter and his successors are the means by which Our Lord…
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Marian News
February 21, 2018

Lebanese judge orders 3 Muslims to memorize Quran verses hailing Mary, Jesus – Al Arabiya English

Ave Maria!  I found an interesting and entertaining article this morning about how a Lebanese judge sentenced 3 Muslim men who insulted the Virgin Mary to memorize verses from the Quran praising her…
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Fr. Matthias SaskoHomilyNew Bedford, MA
February 21, 2018

The Responsibility of a Christian – Feb 21 – Homily – Fr Matthias

  As Christians, we have received much: we have been called to imitate Christ and we have been given the means of reaching this goal. This is our responsibility. We will answer to…
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Immaculate Music
February 20, 2018

Attende, Domine- A Popular Lenten Hymn

Ave Maria! This Lenten hymn calls on God to have mercy on us. This chant is very simple and can be sung by a congregation without organ accompaniment. The Church does not want…
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Fr. Alan WhartonHomilyNew Bedford, MA
February 20, 2018

The Lord’s Prayer, the Rosary, & the Key to Mercy – Feb 20 – Homily – Fr Alan

  In today's Gospel, the Lord teaches His disciples how to pray: "Our Father..." He teaches the key to obtaining mercy: "If you forgive men their transgressions, your heavenly Father will forgive you." Repeating the…
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Fr. Terrence ChartierHomilyNew Bedford, MA
February 19, 2018

Being Holy Like God? – Feb 19 – Homily – Fr Terrance

  Three times in the book of Leviticus, God tells His people to be holy as He is holy.  What does he mean by that, and is it even possible?  Fr. Terrance explains…
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Fr. Terrence ChartierGriswold, CTHomily
February 18, 2018

Purification and Temptation – Feb 18 – Homily – Fr Terrance

  Fr Terrance gives the homily at Griswold, CT on Feb 18 on how the Flood was a purification. When you see the number "40" in Scripture it refers to a purification. The…
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