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July 31, 2019

Video – FI Missions in Africa – Fra François

Ave Maria! Friar François Godonou, F.I. provides an inspiring account of the F.I. missions in Africa (Benin, Nigeria, and Cameroon), how they help people in Africa in building up the faith and the…
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Fr. JacintoGriswold, CTHomily
October 20, 2019

Pray Always – Oct 20 – Homily – Fr Jacinto

  Fr Jacinto gives the homily at Griswold, CT on Oct 20, 2019 on how we should pray always without tiring to our most merciful God. He who prays is saved, he who…
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Fr. JoachimHomilyShrine, La Crosse, WI
October 19, 2019

Bad Thoughts: Dangers & Remedies – Oct 13 – Homily – Fr Joachim

    Fr Joachim gives the homily at Shrine, La Crosse, WI on Oct 13, 2019 on how we frequently have bad thoughts which have their dangers and their remedies. He covers: scrupulosity, complacency,…
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Fr. Alan WhartonHomilyNew Bedford, MA
October 16, 2019

Sacred Heart Revelation, Answer to Division in the Church – Oct 16 – Homily – Fr Alan

  In the homily for the Memorial of St. Margaret Mary Alocoque, virgin (Oct 16, 2019), Father explains how the Sacred Heart revelations given to St. Margaret Mary in 1673* point to the…
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Fr. Andre FeainHomilyNew Bedford, MA
October 15, 2019

Divisive Traditionalists – Oct 15 – Homily – Fr Andre

  On the memorial of St. Teresa of Avila (Oct 15, 2019), Fr. Andre draws a comparison between the Pharisees who Jesus chastises in today’s Gospel reading, and traditionalist critics of Pope Francis.…
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Fr. Josemaria BarbinHomilyNew Bedford, MA
October 14, 2019

New Saint John H. Newman Denounced Liberalism in Religion – Oct 14 – Homily – Fr Josemaria

  In the homily on Oct 14, 2019 (Saint Callistus I, pope and martyr), Fr. Josemaria relates today’s Gospel (Monday 28th Week of Ordinary Time) to the thinking of two recently canonized saints,…
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October 13, 2019

Live Rosary in progress

Ave Maria! Rosary is live but in progress so you have to rewind if yo want to catch it from the beginning. Sorry busy schedule here.  
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