Bloomington, IN

Bloomington, INGuest HomilistHomily
September 22, 2017

Sep 22 – Homily – Fr. Patrick: Do All for God

Fatima 100th Oct 7 Celebration Event: Fr. Patrick Hyde, O.P. on the need to avoid seeking wealth and power not only because it leads us from God, but does not build up…
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Bloomington, INGuest HomilistHomily
September 21, 2017

Sep 21 – Homily – Fr. Patrick: St. Matthew & the New Evangelization

Fatima 100th Oct 7 Celebration Event: For the Feast of St. Matthew the Evangelist, Fr. Patrick Hyde, O.P. preaches on the great need for the New Evangelization called for by the last…
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Bloomington, INFr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
September 20, 2017

Sep 20 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Pillar & Foundation of Truth

Fatima 100th Oct 7 Celebration Event: Fr. Ignatius on the Church as the pillar and foundation of truth that gives us the clear path to follow and the strength through grace to…
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Bloomington, INFra Josemaria BarbinHomily
August 24, 2017

Aug 24 – Homily – Fra Josemaria: Rectitude of St. Bartholomew

Fra Josemaria reflects on the calling of St. Bartholomew to be an apostle and how important is the rectitude of intention, to be doers of the word not just talk. Ave Maria! Mass:…
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Bloomington, INFr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
August 18, 2017

Aug 18 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Marriage and Religious Life

Fr. Ignatius gives his homily based on today's gospel reading of Christ's affirmation that marriage is indissoluble. He relates this to religious life to which only some are called. Ave Maria! Mass: Friday…
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