Bloomington, IN

Bloomington, INFr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
July 21, 2017

Jul 21 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: St. Lawrence of Brindisi – Counsel of Spirit

Fr. Ignatius on the life of St. Lawrence of Brindisi, a Franciscan and a Doctor of the Church, and how he habitually sought the counsel of the Holy Spirit and followed it. Ave…
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Bloomington, INFr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
July 12, 2017

Jul 12 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: The Mission of the Twelve Apostles

Fr. Ignatius on Today's Gospel on the mission  given to the twelve apostles with Peter as the first among them. Ave Maria! Mass: Wednesday 14th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Readings:  1st:…
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Bloomington, INGuest HomilistHomily
July 9, 2017

Jul 09 – Homily – Fr. Campbell: Humility and Meekness

Fr. Campbell gives the closing homily for the retreat titled "Fatima, and the Hearts of Jesus and Mary". He exhorts us to be humble and meek, referring to the gospel reading where Jesus says…
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Bloomington, INFr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
July 5, 2017

Jul 05 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Exorcism and the Need for Holiness

Fr. Ignatius on the exorcism in the Gospel in Gadarenes near the Sea of Galilee. He underscores the current high activity of demons today and the great need for exorcists to cure possession,…
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Bloomington, INFr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
June 22, 2017

Jun 22 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: St. Thomas Moore, Integrity and Intelligence

Fr. Ignatius on the life of St. Thomas Moore, his great integrity, piety and intelligence. With these he was able to resist King Henry VIII as he broke away from the Church even…
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