Fr. John Lawrence

Fr. John LawrenceGriswold, CTHomily
June 13, 2012

Jun 13 – Homily – Fr John Lawrence: St Anthony Miracles of Humility

Homily #120613 ( 05min) Play - Fr. John Lawrence preaches on the feast of St. Anthony, describing him as a great miracle worker and preacher, but his greatest miracle is his ongoing humility.…
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Bloomington, INFr. John LawrenceHomily
September 5, 2012

Sep 05 – Homily – Fr John Lawrence: Working for God

Homily #120905b ( 06min) Play - Fr. John Lawrence on how we need to see by faith that ministers are working for God and we should be seeking God and not aligning ourselves…
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Fr. John LawrenceGriswold, CTHomily
September 7, 2012

Sep 07 – Homily – Fr John Lawrence: Fasting and the Holy Spirit

Homily #120907 ( 00min) Play- "Why aren't your disciples fasting?" They already have the bridegroom so they don't need to fast. They are already united to Jesus so they need the new wine…
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A Day With MaryFr. John Lawrence
June 7, 2013

Video – Sepulchre Marks Beginning, Fr J Lawrence – ADWM #73

A Day With Mary #73 - ( 09min) >>> Play Ave Maria! "May the sepulchre mark a beginning, not an end": Homily by Fr J Lawrence. A Day With Mary Pilgrimage to the…
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