Pure Virginal Marriage to Joseph – Jan 23 – Homily – Fr John Lawrence

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Fr John Lawrence gives the homily at Bloomington, IN on Jan 23, 2023, the feast of the Espousal of Mary to St. Joseph. He covers the history of the feast, the biblical record of the marriage, and the reasons for marriage despite her perpetual virginity given by theologians and saints.

The fact that she was married to Joseph
Why she got married.
Bl. Bartolo Longo Joseph was prepared in absolute purity for this virginal marriage to protect Mary.
Three reasons of St Jerome:
1 - Geneology can come through Joseph
2 - Protect her reputation and life from being stoned
3 - Flight to Egypt, she would have solace and protection.
St Ignatius - that his birth will be hidden from the devil, hide the fact that she was still a virgin, thus hiding his identity.
Devil's attempt to discern who Jesus was.
God's plan to undo the knot of disobedience of Eve, a married virgin, was to undo it in a reverse way by the obedience of another virgin.

Ave Maria!

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