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Children Bad for the Planet. Huh?

By May 8, 2007December 2nd, 2022News, Politics, Pro-Life

According to The Sunday Times (London), The Optimum Population Trust has just come out with a new study that fingers large families for contributing significantly to global warming. Mind you, large families are defined by having more than two children.

The paper by the Optimum Population Trust will say that if couples had two children instead of three they could cut their family’s carbon dioxide output by the equivalent of 620 return flights a year between London and New York.

The OPT is the group that sponsored the controversial Oxford conference in 2003 in which it was determined that the population of the UK could be optimized at about 30 million, approximately half the current level. One wonders how that might be accomplished.

As the native populations of Europe continue to dwindle, and their welfare states are requiring more and more immigration to prop them up, the think tank elite are working hard to accelerate the demise of western civilization.

Having contact with many large families, or should I say, gigantic families (9 or 10 children, not 3 or 4), I know well how they get the raised eyebrow from just about anyone, from the pediatrician pushing birth control, to the disgruntled churchgoer, who stops a mother on the way back from communion and asks: “Are these all yours? By the same father?” I kid you not. Now they have become a leading cause of global warming.

With more and more secularists considering skepticism concerning their creed to be criminal, since, in their view, a lack of faith is leading to the destruction of the planet, and with more and more legislation aimed at limiting dissent from things like same-sex marriage, what should parents of large families expect now?

Fr Angelo

Author Fr Angelo

I am Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate, and a priest for more than twenty years. I am now studying in Rome for my licentiate in Theology.

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  • Corinn says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the global warming scare is all about population control. And it is not just about large families, we will have to get rid of all the consumers that do not produce, like the elderly, disabled and children. The ideal world will be made of same-sex couples that only reproduce using test tubes to strictly control the population. Considering that the only directive that God gave Adam and Eve after the fall was to be fruiful and multiple I think it is safe to say if we leave the globe in His care and allow His will be done He will take care of the rest. The best thing we can do for the planet is educate our children in the faith and infect the rest of the world with it.