Video – Face of Pro-Life #10: Life in the Womb

By July 3, 2007June 21st, 2008Face of Pro-Life, Pro-Life
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Ave Maria!

Joe Collison discusses with hostess Corinn Dahm the life of a child in the womb. The discussion focuses on what we know about premature babies but even more on information given by new technology that lets us see the baby more clearly right in the womb. Come join us as we shed light on the interesting life of the youngest members of the human race...

Ave Maria!

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  • Br Thomas says:

    Ave Maria! WOW! I wish to share that I was a 3 Mounth Old Pre Mature Baby, My Mother was a Nurse where I was Born in South Bend, at St Josephs Hospital. At this Time my Mother was a home stay Mother, Where My Father worked very hard to support our Family of 9 Children, 4 Boy’s and 4 Girl’s. I am the Second Youngest of our Family and the youngest of the Boy’s. I am very thankfull to God and Our Lady for allowing me to live. Also to my Mother and Father for putting up with me, both of my parents are now deceased, so now I am sure that they are looking down from Heaven praying for there youngest Son.

    I am at MT. St. Francis in formation geting ready to enter into my Novitiate this comming year Sept, 7 in Grizwald, CT. I might add that I am a late vocation where I had to get special permission to enter, I am very thankfull for this opportunety to be part of the Friars of the Immaculate. Ave Maria!