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Sr. Marie-Andre, SCMC – Mary Mother of Life – Pro-Life Victory

By May 21, 2007November 22nd, 2022Mary Mother of Life, Media Reform, Pro-Life, Sr. Marie-Andre

Ave Maria!

Hello-Hola-Bonjour-Buon Giorno, etc. Do you believe that the U.S. can have a pro-life victory this year (or sooner) and spread the good news throughout the world, through pro-life media reform? I do. The Friars are working for this, too. How do I connect with them? The Franciscans of the Immaculate offer Holy Mass at our Motherhouse ( and, as you can see, we still work together. I teach Spanish at our all girls’ high school (; “direct” the drama–we will do the musical Oliver! this fall; and–joy of joys–moderate our pro-life club, which the students named T.O.P.-Life Club. They have posted wonderful highway billboards in Southeastern Connecticut in the pro-life fight and we now host Pro-Life Coffee Houses to help fund the billboards. What shall we discuss in this BLOG?…any of these topics, and more–the reform of the media is my favorite, so that the message of pro-family, pro-life will infiltrate our society and transform it, just as the not-so-beneficial influences have influenced us to date. Mary is the reason we have hope, she is the reason I am a Sister, and she is the way and the answer to media reform. I look forward to hearing from you (or y’all, as some of my favorite people say), and I ask Mary to send you powerful prayers, as I hope for yours. God’s causes cannot fail, and through her intercession, they succeed faster!

In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Sister Marie-André


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  • Brother of Good Counsel says:

    Ave Maria Suor Marie-Andre:

    My suggestion, with however you present the pro-life message, is that you focus on the virtue of and the need for purity. The need for purity is at the core of most of the pro-life issues, and the need to embrace virtue in general is something that needs to be preached by the mass media. If, with the help of Our Lady and with whatever gifts we have, we can convince people to turn their backs on vice and to turn toward virtue, then the rest – including the sacredness of life, the sacredness of sexuality, and the beauty and truth of Christianity – will all come together.

  • Scott says:

    Hello Sister! Please tell Sr Jacinta that the Millers from Indiana say hello.
    God Bless.

  • sma says:

    Thank you for your comments (which I answered individually).
    Dear Brother of Good Counsel. Your response shows the insight that Our Lord gave us when he called the pure of heart “blessed”. Yes, the clarity of vision that leads us to embrace Godly things comes during and following our struggle to nurture virtuous thoughts, words, and deeds. God bless you and please keep joining us in prayer for a virtuous world (especially public servants, the Church’s servants, and people in the media.) In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
    Sister Marie-André

  • Patricia says:

    Dear Sr.,
    To let you know that I will continue to pray for reform of the media and will include the Brother of Good Counsel’s intentions for others to embrace virtue. Hoping that our prayers contribute to making the world more virtuos today than it was yesterday.

  • Dear Patricia,
    Isn’t God good to let us desire Him? (and His virtues, i.e., Jesus Christ.) Yes, we will keep joining in prayer. What ideas do you have for pro-life media reform?
    In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
    Sister Marie-André

  • The TOP-Life Club has two pro-life highway billboards going up before Christmas on Route 85-one in late August, by David’s and the dinosaur place, and one in December, close to I-395. Please watch for them and let the girls (our AHF pro-life high school students) [and me] know what you think about them! To Jesus through Mary,
    Sister Marie-André

  • Patricia says:

    Yes, God is good to let us desire him. Perhaps through this site or other connections you can acquire more billboards. I also believe that if you are able to partner with someone in the ‘industry’ who has influence, your desire of a media reform is possible. This person (s) still exists; it is a matter of igniting them to use their influence to help spread the truth in the mainstream media.

  • Dear Patricia,
    Ave Maria! Good idea to ignite the media reform people by prayer.
    Where is the person to lead the way? To speak out on behalf of truth, to unrelentingly pursuit it? To sacrifice other goods for the good of defending the tiniest human lives, so that they too may strive for it?
    My dear Patricia, where is David?
    In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Sister Marie-Andre, SCMC