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B-16 Drops Bomb in Flight to Brazil

By May 9, 2007September 3rd, 2007Benedict XVI, News, Politics, Pro-Life

Praise God, we have a Pope, not a politician!

Pope Benedict XVI is voicing his support for Mexican Bishops who are threatening excommunication of “leftist parliamentarians who last month voted to legalize abortion in Mexico City.?? [Reuters’ words in quotations.] [Note: It’s amazing that whenever the Church follows its own teachings and applies them, it’s big news.]

It appears our Pope is not walking away from the fight against godless Catholics and their mass media allies. If we all pitch in and say one Ave Maria, perhaps the Holy Father will head north and fly over Washington D.C. on route back to Rome.

Click here to read this encouraging Reuters news story.

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  • Alex Gibbs says:

    Ave Maria!

  • Ave Maria says:

    Do you really think it will help if he flew over DC?
    Won’t the same ones who ignore him now, continue on that same path?

    But I do hope someone is listening. And I hope they have miters.

    Ave Maria!

  • Brother of Good Counsel says:

    Ave Maria!

    The Pope has the power to excommunicate laymen, politicians, bishops…and he can do so whether they “ignore” him or not!

  • FATHER ELIAS says:

    Ave Maria!

    Dear Alex, I know that sometimes listening to the news and seeing the blatant actions of supposed Catholics that we may wonder what good would something such as an excommunication do to someone who seems to be thumbing his nose at the Church’s authority and teaching, but we must not forget the power of the keys is a real power that the Pope and bishops in union with him really do have. Because of the power to bind and loosen, graces can be either given or denied to someone as a powerful means of conversion and sanctification. It does not matter that a person mocks the excommunication or thinks that it means nothing to them, what matters is that God will act in a decisive way because the power of the keys has been invoked. It seems at times that our bishops do not realize that they are doing more damage by giving a communion to a soul in mortal sin than if they were to excommunicate them.
    Ave Maria! Father Elias

  • Rachel says:

    Father Elias:

    All the articles I have read regarding this subject indicate that there were no formal excommunications, but rather, their actions excommunicated them as a matter of law under cannon law. Is this correct or is the media misrepresenting the Holy Father’s actions? It seems to me that if the former is true, then self excommunication does not hold the same weight as formal church excommunication. And in a society like our own where doing what you want to do or whatever makes you feel good would self excommunication be nothing more to these people than a slap on the wrist?

    Thank you

  • FATHER ELIAS says:

    Ave Maria!

    Dear Rachel, You are right in your understanding that the excommunications are not formal excommunications, ferrendae sententiae, but only latae sententiae excommunications, which means they excommunicated themselves by committing the act itself. I would not say that the self excommunication is not as severe as the formal church excommunication as they are both terrible states to be in. The point I was trying to make is that the power of the keys is a very effective power in the hands of a pope or bishop based not just on the legal or moral aspects in themselves but because of the supernatural effects which do not depend on whether the person excommunicated cares or not. I am sorrry I cannot explain it as clearly as I would like but there are effects or ramifications in the supernatural realm that take place when the church exercises the power of the keys. Even Saint Paul mentions handing heretics over to Satan that they may be converted, which does not sound like an idle threat. Once a just sentence of excommunication would be pronounced upon these people I think you would find that heaven would intervene and any influence or power that they have or had would dry up and that we would receive grace from heaven to overcome the enemies of the church because we have invoked in an official manner heaven’s assistance and also as an act of Faith in the promise of Christ Himself to act on behalf of Peter. Ave Maria! Father Elias

  • Sue says:

    Thanks for the info in this story, which I would not have gotten unless I had access The courage of the Pope will be a very powerful example. People must be told when they are sinful, and he is honoring his responsibility!

    God Bless the Holy Father!

    Ave Maria!