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March 14, 2007

B-16 Drops the Bomb. . . Again

Pope Benedict has once again reafirmed his position that reception of the Eucharist requires adherence to Church doctrine. There must be "eucharistic consistency," especially from those who are in the public square. Yesterday…
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May 8, 2007

Children Bad for the Planet. Huh?

According to The Sunday Times (London), The Optimum Population Trust has just come out with a new study that fingers large families for contributing significantly to global warming. Mind you, large families are…
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May 12, 2007

Alan Keyes on “Electoral Politics: Media and Money”

Where does the news media derive it's revenue from? Who's behind the money, and how do dollars effect the news and political coverage seen on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and read in the…
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May 17, 2007

News – More Cafeteria Catholics?

Today's edition of The Times mentions what they believe would be a triumph for the Catholic Church, when it would only serve to add another high profile Cafeteria Catholic to the fold...or would…
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Air MariaFi NewsPoliticsPro-Life
May 24, 2007

Video – F.I. News #18: Pro-family, Rally CT State House, 23rd May 2007

FI News #18 - Our F.I. Roving Reporter, Friar Roderic Mary, Interviews the Family Institute of CT's Peter Wolfgang at the CT State House at the Pro-family Rally on Weds, 23rd May, 2007…
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FamilyPoliticsReligious LibertyRoving Reporter
August 1, 2007

Video – Roving Reporter #5: Teresa Tomeo – Hate Crimes Legislation

Roving Reporter #5 - Teresa Tomeo in Cleveland >>> Play Ave Maria! At the recent CMN Conference in Cleveland, Ohio Teresa Tomeo of nationally syndicated Catholic Connection ( speaks out about the new…
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August 11, 2007

“Catholic” Politicians

Ok, who said it? ??...I pray like a lawyer. I try to make a deal -- get me out of this jam, and I??ll start going back to church.?? and.. ??My religious affiliation,…
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Fra Roderic MaryNewsPoliticsReligious Liberty
August 13, 2007

Hate Crimes Bill Could be Voted On Today

On July 15th I posted an article here on AirMaria called News - Hate Crimes Bill, Censorship on the Sly regarding the legislation against violence directed toward homosexuals S.1105. Legislation by this same…
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August 21, 2007

Religion of Moral Equivalence

Robert Spencer's new book, "Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn??t??, speaks about the liberal-minded view of moral equivalence and how the left view Christianity (Fundamentalism) as a greater threat than…
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Fra Roderic MaryNewsPoliticsReligious Liberty
August 24, 2007

Chinese Undergound Bishop Arrested, Pope’s Letter Suppressed

Catholic World News in an article entitled?Chinese bishop arrested: to silence Pope's message? reports that on?Thursday August 23, 2007, after days of surveillance,?Jia Zhiguo, the prominent underground Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese…
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FamilyFra Roderic MaryPoliticsRoving Reporter
September 21, 2007

Video – Roving Reporter #13: State Capitol Rally for Family

Roving Reporter #13 - Peter Wolfgang sends a message to the CT Supreme Court (8min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Our 500th Post!! Deo Gratias! Peter Wolfgang, Executive Director of the Family Institute of…
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Fr. Peter FehlnerNewsPoliticsPro-Life
October 20, 2007

Father Peter Damian Fehlner, S.T.D. Weighs in on Plan B in Connecticut. (Continued)

This is a response to comments on the article I posted on October 9th titled, Father Peter Damian Fehlner, S.T.D. Weighs in on Plan B in Connecticut?about the recent statement of the Connecticut…
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