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News – More Cafeteria Catholics?

By May 17, 2007September 3rd, 2007News, Politics

Today’s edition of The Times mentions what they believe would be a triumph for the Catholic Church, when it would only serve to add another high profile Cafeteria Catholic to the fold…or would it?
Tony Blair, who publicly and boldly disagreed with Cardinal Hume’s 1996 demand that he should stop receiving Holy Communion at his wife’s parish in Islington because he is not Catholic, has apparently confided to Fr. Michael Seed, a priest who says Mass for his family, that he intends to join the Church upon his leaving Downing St.

Of course, upon further questioning of Fr. Seed by the press, he mentioned that he does not know whether Blair will formally become a member of the Church, but intimated that he was a “Catholic by desire” — that he went to Mass weekly and didn’t need to formally convert. “He is an ecumenical Catholic. He is a liberal Catholic. In terms of his private life, he’s a Roman Catholic.”

Comments from a former Downing Street Communications chief, who basically downplayed the suggestion that Blair would convert, included the following statement: “We don’t do God.”

I just don’t think that statement is going to fly at their particular judgment!!

Blair’s ‘Baptism of Desire’

By the way, in a related Times article, it is postulated that Blair delayed his conversion for the sake of peace in Ireland. I’m not thinking that reasoning would go over too well at the pearly gates, either!

Did he delay conversion for sake of Irish peace?

Hopefully Fr. Seed will get his facts straight about what is required to be a faithful, practicing Catholic and will share a healthy dose of the truth with Mr. Blair very soon, instead of serving him whatever junk food he likes in the cafeteria line! That way he can perhaps save both of their souls!

Ave Maria!

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  • Scott says:

    Other issues notwithstanding, I hope that Mr Blair does come into the fullness of the Catholic faith. I will pray for him.

  • Stephen says:

    I believe that, if enough prayers are said to Our Lady, in England and around the world, Tony Blair will convert to the true faith. He may have said wrong and done wrong, but I have some faith in him. I will pray for him.