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Alan Keyes on “Electoral Politics: Media and Money”

By May 12, 2007January 18th, 2012News, Politics

Where does the news media derive it’s revenue from?

Who’s behind the money, and how do dollars effect the news and political coverage seen on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and read in the New York Times and other newspapers?

I’ve linked to a fascinating (and I don’t use that word lightly) article by Catholic statesman Alan Keyes on this topic, & I’ll post a few excerpts:

??The broadcast media derives its resources almost entirely from advertising dollars. Those dollars depend on audiences gathered primarily by means of the entertainment value of its broadcasts, with the result that even the so-called news programs are more about entertainment than information.??

??Our concern here isn’t just the biases, distortions, and fabrications that result from this profit motive. It’s the fact that the news and information media share the profit-oriented priorities of the business world, along with the materialistic predilections that often characterize life and ambition in the corporate sector.??

??…money power dominates the media. It’s important to note, however, that the main reason this domination concerns me is not the possibility of media bias in favor of this or that corporate or other moneyed special interest. Rather, it’s the fact that the money-oriented mindset favors a materialistic world view, one in which moral principles and values are secondary, or of no more than personal significance.??

Mr. Keyes also describes how the profit-motive heavily influences which political candidates and politicians the media will give face-time and airtime to, and which ones they will effectively black-out.

Click here for the link to ??Electoral Politics: Media and Money.??

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