Fatima 100 Years

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August 5, 2017

May 13: Dr. Mark Miravalle – Fatima & the Fifth Marian Dogma

  Dr. Miravalle explains the continuing relevance of "the most important message of Our Lady in the Twentieth Century." He believes that a critical part of the promised Triumph of the Immaculate Heart…
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August 19, 2017

May 13 Live Stream Talk: Msgr. Arthur B. Calkins – The Hearts of Jesus & Mary in the Fatima Message

  Man's cooperation with God in the unfolding mission of redemption in human history is sublimely and supremely evident at Fatima, which bears the imprint of both the Immaculate Heart of Mary and…
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Fatima 100 Years
September 9, 2017

May 13 Live Stream Talk: Fr. Bill Casey – Lady of the Rosary

  In this talk, Fr. Casey shows that the solution to our global crisis is to be found in responding to Our Lady's constant Fatima request: to pray the Holy Rosary daily. We…
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September 16, 2017

May 13 Live Stream Talk: Fr. Angelo Geiger – The Angel of Peace & the Spirit of Reparation

  Before Our Lady of Fatima appeared to the three shepherd children, they were visited by the Angel of Peace, who prepared them for Our Lady's visitation. In particular, the angel instructed them…
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October 14, 2017

Our Lady of Fatima Daytime Event – Live Stream Recording

12:00 - Mass - 19:50 - Readings - 26:00 - Homily 1:55:40 - Talk #1 - Fr. Elias - "Consecration: The Heart of the Message" 2:33:31 - Interlude: Randy Albright - My Soul…
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October 8, 2018

Consecration: Heart of the Fatima Message – Fatima Centennial Conference, October 7, 2017 – Fr. Elias M. Mills

Fr. Elias Mary Mills, FI, speaks at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts on Oct. 7, 2017, at “The Promise and Our Part in the Plan,” the second livestream event of the 2017 Fatima…
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