Our Lady of Fatima Daytime Event – Live Stream Recording

12:00 – Mass
19:50 – Readings
26:00 – Homily
1:55:40 – Talk #1 – Fr. Elias – “Consecration: The Heart of the Message”
2:33:31 – Interlude: Randy Albright – My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord
2:40:45 – Randy – Mary Said Yes
2:45:53 – Randy – Ave Maria
2:51:17 – Talk #2 – Msgr. Calkins – “The Role of St. Joseph in the Church since 1917”
3:35:35 – Q&A with Fr. Elias and Msgr. Calkins
3:38:52 – When is Mary able to hear our prayers?
3:45:06 – Can we honor Joseph as we pray the rosary?
3:48:20 – What is the significance of the different form of the Eucharist that the Angel of Fatima to each child?
3:52:05 – How do we explain and defend the virginity of Joseph?
3:57:34 – Is the attack on the family reflected in recent actions in the Vatican?
5:47:16 – Exposition, Rosary
6:40:19 – Talk #3 – Steve Dawson – “Practical Evangelization with Our Lady of Fatima”
7:23:26 – Interlude – Cloutier Trio – Jesus joy of man’s desiring – J.S. Bach
7:29:17 – For All The Saints Who’ve Shown Your Love
7:31:17 – First and second movements Corelli sonata
7:37:21 – Ave Maria – Frans Shubert – Solo
7:42:37 – Talk 4 – Fr. Bill Casey – “The Rosary: The Invincible Weapon”
8:36:58 – Q&A with Fr. Elias, Msgr. Calkins, Steve Dawson and Fr. Bill Casey – Was the Consecration of Russia done?
8:46:55 – How can we be both worthy and humble at the same time?
8:51:25 – Is Harry Potter good for kids?
8:53:06 – Do we receive the body and blood of Mary when we receive the Eucharist?
8:54:23 – What is the root of the debate on Amoris Laetitia?
9:00:08 – How do we get priests and bishops involved in spreading the rosary?
9:07:28 – Procession with Statue

Fatima 100th Oct 7 Celebration Event: http://livingfatima.com/october7/
Fatima: The Promise and Our Part of the Plan Between the Warning & the Promise: Living the Fatima Message

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima,
the Franciscans of the Immaculate present: A Centennial Review and Pastoral Interpretation on the Message of Fatima. With talks on the theological, spiritual and pastoral meaning of the “most prophetic of modern apparitions.” (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)

Video of Evening Event with music by Cloutier Trio & Randy Albright: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gR1g…

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