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10 Most PopularFi NewsVocations
September 18, 2008

Video – FiNews #37 – FI Vocations Video

FI News #37 - The life and charism of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. ( 04min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Here is the short version of our vocations video. The long one…
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10 Most PopularImmaculate MusicLiturgy
April 29, 2008

Video – Sandals & Fiddlebacks – Franciscan Traditional Latin Mass

Immaculate Music #13 - Missa Cantata TLM celebrating Our Lady of Good Counsel ( 3min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Fiddleback chasubles and Franciscan sandals come together in the extraordinary form of the Mass…
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10 Most PopularImmaculate MusicMission Down Under
March 25, 2007

Video – Fra Gabriel – Skateboarding Down Under to Schubert’s Ave Maria!

Immaculate Music #3 - Fra Gabriel Skateboarding for the Immaculate >>> Play Ave Maria! Fra Gabriel Mary, FI does all things for the Immaculate near our Friary in Perth, Australia. He inspires the…
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10 Most PopularFace of Pro-LifeFr. Angelo Geiger
March 12, 2007

Video – Fr. Angelo – Face of Pro-life#3: The March of the Culture of Death

Face of Pro-life #3 - Fr. Angelo and Corinn Dahn on the state of Pro-Life>>> Play Ave Maria! The swearing in of a Democratically-controlled Congress in 2006 was a setback for the Culture…
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10 Most PopularFace of Pro-LifeFr. Peter Fehlner
February 22, 2007

Video – Fr. Peter – Face of Pro-life #2:- Being Pro-life with Mary’s Grace

Face of Pro-life #2 - Fr. Peter discusses how we need Mary's help in the pro-life movement >>> Play Ave Maria! Fr. Peter Mary Fehlner discusses with hostess Corinn Dahm how we need…
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