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March 7, 2009

Bishop Lori’s statement on anti-Catholic legislation

Diocesan Statement on Proposed Legislative Bill # 1098 / 2009 This past Thursday, the Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut State Legislature, which is chaired by Sen. Andrew McDonald of Stamford and Rep. Michael…
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Brian BrownNewsPoliticsReligious Liberty
March 7, 2009

Video – News #1 – Religious Liberty Under Fire

Air Maria News #1 - Brian Brown defends traditional marriage >>> Play Original Post: Ave Maria! This is a special AIRMARIA report on the status of religious liberty in America, relative to the…
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March 9, 2009

News – Calling all Catholics, Especially in Connecticut

The Problem Senate Bill 1098 introduced to the Judiciary Committee VS The bill dictates: Lay Boards will have complete control of Administration and Finances of Parishes Bishops and pastors will not have any…
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AirMaria UpdatesNewsReligious Liberty
March 10, 2009

News – CT Capitol Broadcast will start at 11am

Ave Maria! Well, we're going to do it. Yes, the Public Hearing has been canceled by the Democratically controlled Judiciary Committee. I guess they got scared. But, there will be an "informational" hearing…
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March 11, 2009

Live from CT Capitol Bill 1098, Or is it Really about Bill 899?

Ave Maria! Some testing on and off until 11am, start of main broadcast. Keep the Prayers going! Take note! If you wonder why such a crazy bill has been introduced, it is widely…
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FamilyNewsPoliticsPro-LifeReligious Liberty
March 18, 2009

News – Calling for the End of the Reign of Error in CT

The Family Institute of Connecticut is calling upon the citizens of this state and all concerned Catholics to join them in their effort to remove State Rep. Lawlor and Sen. McDonald from their…
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