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News – CT Capitol Broadcast will start at 11am

Live Bill 1098

Ave Maria!

Well, we’re going to do it. Yes, the Public Hearing has been canceled by the Democratically controlled Judiciary Committee. I guess they got scared. But, there will be an “informational” hearing (less official) held by the Republicans (to save the day) and also a Catholic rally at the Capitol Building itself starting at noon. The Bishops are encouraging everyone to attend. See Details. We will find out more about what this cancellation means when we get there tomorrow. We will be covering some preliminary events at the Legislative Office Building (LOB) at 11am then the rally at noon, then at 1:30 we will go back to the LOB to cover the hearing, from there we will see how our batteries hold up.

We will have a post on AirMaria in the morning that will have the live video embedded. If AirMaria gets too sluggish then you can go directly to our channel on at although watch out for the adverts and such that we don’t have any control over.

Also, because of this event, we will not have a homily tomorrow.

Keep in mind we have not gotten a chance to go to the capitol to measure cellular and wireless strength so it will be hit or miss. 80% chance of rain, so bring your cyber umbrellas. Those going to the Capitol in person will definitely have a chance to do some Lenten penance in reparation for this political atrocity.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Ave Maria!


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