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Fi News – A Long, Sad Day at the CT Capitol

By March 30, 2009March 1st, 2019Family, Fi News, Politics, Religious Liberty

Ave Maria!

Well, it was a busy day! At about 7am we found out that the Judiciary Committee headed by McDonald and Lawlor (who pushed the anti-Catholic bill sb1098 a couple of weeks ago) had another surprise hearing at 12 noon today. We were not the only ones who were surprised. Even Senators and Representatives in the same committee were surprised. This time it was to be the vote on SB899 which is the legislative codification of the Kerrigan Supreme Court of CT case that brought in same-sex ‘marriage’.  We rushed to put together our live streaming equipment that was in total disarray from our live streaming of the Youth Pro-life Conference on Saturday. We threw everything into the car, including ourselves and headed off to Hartford, an hour away, only to find out that we had to wait another hour while the  committee went into private caucus sessions until 1pm. Although we were caught off guard it seemed that the other side, in favor of the bill, was there in force. We are never out numbered at these events. Seems they got the word and we did not. Funny that! It was the beginning of a difficult, often nauseating day listening to Senators and Representatives squashing every single effort to protect religious liberties (except one) by pummeling those that were proposing very reasonable amendments with thousands of inane questions. The result is that we have about the same protections of our rights to conscientious objections as did Massachusetts where Catholic Charities had to cease their child adoption efforts because the state was forcing them to place kids with same sex couples. Listen to Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of CT summarize this disastrous day and how you can help:

Interview with Peter Wolfgang

At least the live streaming worked well, over 1500 viewers. Ave Maria!


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  • Jennifer says:

    Well, considering that the vote was virtually unanimous, I cannot see where there’d be that many people wanting to vote those two clowns out of the senate. I hate to be a cynic but ….

    On the bright side, we really appreciated your presence at this affair today. I am sure that your presence there will atleast make a few of them toss and turn tonight. Perhaps that will lead them to opening up their hearts.

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