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March 31 – St. Pio Daily – The Power of Justification

By March 31, 2009St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!March’s Theme: Imperfections and Sins

“The justification of our impiety is such that it can be well said that God showed His power more with our conversion than with drawing from nothing, heaven and earth. [And this is] because there is more opposition between the sinner and the grace than between the nothing and the being. The nothing is less far away than the same sinner. In fact, the nothing, being the privation of the being, has no potentiality to resist the Will of God, whereas the sinner, a being (and a free being at that) can resist every Divine Will. What is more, in creation one deals with the natural order, while in the justification of the impious, one deals with the supernatural and divine order.”


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