Leticia Velasquez

Causa Nostrae LaetitiaeLeticia Velasquez
February 20, 2009

HLI warned the Holy Father about Pelosi

Many faithful Catholics, myself included worried that Nancy Pelosi would use her audience with the Holy Father as a self-affirming photo op. Human Life International among others, made sure that didn't happen. We…
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Face of Pro-LifeLeticia Velasquez
May 3, 2009

Video – Face of Pro-Life #62: Live with Leticia Valesquez

Face of Pro-Life #62 - ALL Award won by Leticia Valesquez ( 60min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Corinn Dahm welcome guest Leticia Valesquez, freelance writer and well-known pro-life activist.  Leticia discusses her foundation…
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Face of Pro-LifeLeticia Velasquez
December 19, 2010

Video – Face of Pro-Life #106: Eileen Haupt and KIDS Live

Face of Pro-Life #106 - Hostess Leticia Velasquez with Eileen Haupt ( 60min) >>> Play Ave Maria! This week Leticia Velasquez fills in for Corinn Dahm, interviewing Eileen Haupt who with Leticia is…
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