Video – Face of Pro-Life #82: Leticia Velasquez K.I.D.S.

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Ave Maria!

Leticia Velasquez tells her plight on the difficulties of finding health care for her child Christa who has Down Syndrome. In her effort to look out for her child and help others in the same situation she started an organization called K.I.D.S. for Keep Infants with Down Syndrome. The group especially tries to encourage expectant mothers who have a pre-born child diagnosed with Down to keep their child in the face of tremendous pressure from their medical community, family and friends to have an abortion. She focuses on the joys of having one of these special children and how they go down to Washington DC each year for the March for Life.

You can read her blog:
Keep Infants with Down Syndrome blog

and Facebook:
Keep Infants with Down Syndrome Facebook Group

Last year's K.I.D.S. trip to March for Life in DC!

Ave Maria!

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