Fra Roderic Mary

Fra Roderic MaryRoving Reporter
October 7, 2008

Video – Roving Reporter #49: Rally for Marriage at CT Capitol

Roving Reporter #49 - Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of CT at the State Capitol, Hartford ( 9min) >>> Play Ave Maria! The Roving Reporter caught up with Peter Wolfgang, president of…
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Fra Roderic MaryRoving Reporter
January 2, 2009

Video – Roving Reporter #53: Dawn Eden, Catholic through St. Maximilian

Roving Reporter #53 - Dawn Eden tells her tale¬† ( 27min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Dawn Eden author of "The Thrill of the Chaste" graciously gives the Roving Reporter an account of her…
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Fra Roderic MaryPro-LifeRoving Reporter
March 13, 2009

Video – Roving Reporter #60: Peter Wolfgang, FIC

Roving Reporter #60 - Friar Roderic with Peter Wolfgang in the lobby of the Linconl Theartre at the University of Hartford ( 08min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Peter Wolfgang had an extremely hectic…
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Fra Roderic MaryHomily
August 18, 2009

Aug 18 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: St Beatrice and Humility

Homily #090818 ( 08min) Play - St Beatrice De Silva is a great example of humility, having renounced the vanities of the Portuguese court to start her own religious order. Ave Maria! Mass…
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Fra Roderic MaryPro-LifeRoving Reporter
September 7, 2009

Video – Roving Reporter #76: Protesting on the Vineyard

Roving Reporter #76 - Protesting Abortion outside the President's vacation spot.¬† ( 10min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Friar Roderic interviews Chris Slatterly President of Frontline Pregnancy Centers and Rev Patrick Mahoney Director of…
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