Video – Roving Reporter: Lila Rose – Pro-Life Activist Extraordinaire

By January 29, 2009January 30th, 2009Catholic Action, Fra Roderic Mary, Pro-Life, Roving Reporter
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Ave Maria!

Our Roving Reporter caught up with the amazingly successful Pro-Life Activist, Lila Rose, at the Liaison Hotel in Downtown DC last week. In fact, Lila is so successful as a Pro-Life activist she has gained national media coverage, some of her videos exposing malpractices by Planned Parenthood have been withdrawn from YouTube, and her picture is even being displayed in some Planned Parenthood facilities warning staff about her undercover activities - all this and she is only 20 years old - wow! And to top all this off - she is currently part of an RCIA program and will soon be received into the Holy Catholic Church.

Ave Maria!

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  • Bernadette says:

    When i tried to play it, it said “video not found”. Is it just my computer?

  • newday59 says:

    I am a supporter of Pro-choice and I believe by giving women the right to terminate an unwanted, unplanned, or physically hazardous pregnancy, we allow them the same rights as all other people in all other medical and social conditions. Forcing them to carry to full term jeopardizes their ability to have a healthy and fulfilling life.

  • apostolate says:

    We made some changes, now it will play again.

    Ave Maria.

  • apostolate says:


    Of course we disagree. Pursuit of self fulfillment has its place, but ends when we it infringes on the right of another, especially if it ends the life of another. If we don’t respect a person’s right to life then we will stop respecting all other rights including the pursuit of happiness.

    Ave Maria!

    Fra Roderic

  • PASCENDI says:

    Excellent video! There really is no ideological difference between Nazi concentration camps, the cruelty of slavery and the destruction of innocent human life in the womb. All of them say that “might” trumps rights. But that is not true! My freedoms stop at another person’s body. I do not have unlimited freedom in a just society.

    Clearly modern fetology demonstrates that even the tiniest unborn child is a human being worthy of the same protection as any of the above mentioned groups that were slaughtered or enslaved in the past. This is why I eventually came to realize what a grave evil abortion really is.

    The schizophrenia of the modern age will “save the baby whale… and the spotted owl (which is a worthy cause) but think nothing of putting the next great scientist or civil rights leader in a garbage pail because their birth would be convenient. How sad.

    The best remedy for a cloudy conscience on this matter is to SEE what an abortion really is.

  • Jen says:

    Dear Newday:

    There was a time when I would have agreed with you whole heartedly. I used the ol’ line of why ruin two lives instead of just one?
    But then I began thinking of all of these examples that proved this to be faulty logic.

    First of all, I came to realize that just because something was publicly accepted as fine to do didn’t make it right. For instance, the gladiators found it entertainment to watch two people beat one another to death and justified it by saying that they’re both on deathrow so who cares? Just because the masses accepted this as morally fine, does that make it so?

    People have owned slaves because it was cost-effective and they didn’t believe that they were as human as whites were. Jews were exterminated, raped, battered, etc to solve Germany’s problems and the nazi’s stated that they didn’t feel the Jews were as human as the others. Women have been thought of as property by many cultures and husbands could beat them, or even kill them if they wanted! In the end, all of these people justified the abuse, death, etc of someone else … someone of a different race. Someone of a different gender. Someone of a different religion. Just because the population accepted this as the norm, did that make it right?

    Well, now we have someone in a different stage of human development. We finally realized, after a slaughter, that women are indeed human and not property and thus must be treated properly and PROTECTED. Blacks are indeed human and not property or a convenience and thus must be treated properly and PROTECTED. Jews are indeed human and not an inconvenience to be swept under a rug, to be put nicely. They must be respected and PROTECTED. So, alas, I realized that unborn babies were not going to become frogs, horses, or birds … but humans. They are fully dependent upon the mother. But the newborn baby, although maybe not dependent upon the mother necessarily, is still fully dependent upon someone! His/her lungs now work and digestive system works but one cannot deliver a new baby and then decide to go on a cruise for a month, instructing the baby where the bottles are! YOu would come home to a dead baby. You cannot leave a 2-yr-old for that matter but they are a smidge more independent. Thus, in each stage of a human’s life, one gradually becomes more and more independent but that doesnt mean that they are any less or any more human in one stage vs another! The are fully human and must be respected and PROTECTED.

    We must use our brains and see this logically. We must tune out what the masses tell us is okay because they have lead us astray many times before! If you had an abortion at one point, then I am sorry and you need to come to terms with this. But, eventually in order to fully heal, you must be able to call an ace an ace. We’ve been sold another bill of lies and we must see it clearly or we will be guilty of the continued slaughter that generations before us have been guilty of. We never learn!

    I finally realized that I did not want to be a puppet for the mass media .. spitting back what others told me was the truth when it made no logical sense! I finally decided that it was time I thought for myself and it lead me to thinking pro-life. So … I hope you may come to the same conclusion. The slaughter must stop.

  • Corinn says:

    Dear Newday–
    True- we do have the right to choose, but when it comes to your rights trampling on others people’s rights (especially the right to live) then we as civilized human beings MUST choose to protect the rights of the innocent. If a woman CHOOSES to have sex (the natural outcome of which is pregnancy) then she has the RESPONSIBILITY to accept all consequenses. If she is not able to pursue her dreams with a new child then she has the OPPORTUNITY to give that child up for adoption to a couple who would lovingly raise him/her in a loving home. That is the civilized response to an unwanted pregnancy, not selfishly and barbarically killing that little baby. By the way– bringling the pregancy to term and allowing the bably to live is much healthier for the women, both physically and psychologically.

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