Video – Rov Reprtr #68: Consecrated Virginity

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Ave Maria!

St. Cecelia, St. Lucy, St. Agnes - all three of these early Church martyrs were consecrated virgins living in the world.  The history of consecrated virginity goes back to Apostolic times, with St. Matthew himself writing part of the original rite, and, unknown to most people, this vocation is still alive and well in the Church today.

In this episode, Elizabeth Lee from Massachusetts speaks with Friar Roderick on her vocation as a consecrated virgin & the call to bring Christ to the world and the broken world to Christ in this unique and beautiful fashion.  The rite of consecrated virginity was restored in 1970 and now boasts of 200 members in the US and 3,000 members throughout the world.

For more information on this wonderful vocation, visit:

Ave Maria!

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  • Pascendi says:

    I did not realize there were that many consecrated virgins in the world today. Thanks for this video. Very encouraging.

    Ave Maria.

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