Fr. Josemaria Barbin

Bloomington, INFr. Josemaria BarbinHomily
November 16, 2017

Nov 16 – Homily – Fr Josemaria: St. Gertrude the Faithful

  Fr. Josemaria on the firmness and security of the Catholic faith and how St. Gertrude the Great lived this faithfulness in a great way. Ave Maria! Mass: St Gertrude the Great -…
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Bloomington, INFr. Josemaria BarbinHomily
November 9, 2017

Nov 09 – Homily – Fr Josemaria: St. John Lateran, Catholic Basilica

  Fr. Josemaria on the feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome underscores how this is the chief basilica of the Roman Church and thus the universal nature of the Catholic…
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Bloomington, INFr. Josemaria BarbinHomily
November 2, 2017

Nov 02 – Homily – Fr Josemaria: Death, Eternity & How we Should Live

Fr. Josemaria gives the homily on All Souls Day or the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed. He reflects on eternal life that awaits us after death and how we should live our…
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Bloomington, INFr. Josemaria BarbinHomily
October 26, 2017

Oct 26 – Homily – Fr Josemaria: Christ the Strength of Marriage

  Fr. Josemaria on the virtue of marriage for a special 15th anniversary mass for a couple here in Bloomington, IN. Father highlights the need to have Christ in our lives in order…
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Bloomington, INFr. Josemaria BarbinHomily
August 24, 2017

Aug 24 – Homily – Fra Josemaria: Rectitude of St. Bartholomew

Fra Josemaria reflects on the calling of St. Bartholomew to be an apostle and how important is the rectitude of intention, to be doers of the word not just talk. Ave Maria! Mass:…
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Bloomington, INFr. Josemaria BarbinHomily
July 27, 2017

Jul 27 – Homily – Fra Josemaria: Divine Revelation

  Fra Josemaria on divine revelation, how God reveals Himself in word and deed in stages, culminating in Jesus. Ave Maria! Mass: Thursday 16th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Readings:  1st: exo…
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ConferencesFr. Josemaria BarbinSPSE Retreat 2017
July 26, 2017

Video – Balance: Active & Contemplative – SPSE Retreat 2017 3/6 – CONF 382

Ave Maria! At the Saint Paul Street Evangelization 2017 retreat for Evangelists called Lumen Veritatis at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center, Fra Josemaria Barbin gives the third of six talks: "Finding Balance…
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