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May 16, 2014

Video – Harvard “Black Mass”: Eucharistic Procession Down Streets of Cambridge – Variety 246

Variety #246 - ( 02min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Solemn Eucharistic Procession down the streets of Cambridge in Harvard Square. Hundreds join the police escorted procession, ending with over a thousand in St.…
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fra John PaulNewsSpecial EventVariety
May 14, 2014

Video – Harvard University “Black Mass”: Mother Olga – Variety 244

Variety #244 - ( 02min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Fra John Paul talks to Mother Olga of the Sacred Heart, founder and mother servant of the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth, after the…
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Fi NewsFI SistersSpecial Event
January 27, 2011

Fi News – Two Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate make Solemn Profession

Ave Maria! On Sunday 23 Jan, 2011, during a Missa Cantata Mass held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel in Griswold, CT, two Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, Sr Maria Lydwine Pia of…
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FamilySpecial EventVarietyYouth
November 4, 2009

Video – Short Series #43: All Hallows Eve 2009

Short Series #43 - See you next year ( 09min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Celebration of All Hallows Eve at the Franciscan Friary of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Griswold, CT. The Church…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerHomilySpecial Event
February 6, 2008

Feb 06 – Homily – Fr Angelo: Ash Wednesday

? Homily #080206 ( 11min) Play - Rend your hearts and not your garments, preaches Fr. Angelo on Ash Wednesday, extolling us to live what we are showing outwardly by our external sign…
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Corinn DahmFace of Pro-LifeSpecial Event
February 3, 2008

Video – Face of Pro-life #20: Fra Anthony Testimony, Born in a Pro-Abort World

Face of Pro-Life #20 -Fra Anthony talks about our modern culture of death. ( 29min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Fra Anthony Mary, FI gives his testimony of growing up in a the pro-abortion…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerHomilySpecial Event
February 3, 2008

Feb 03 – Homily – Fr Angelo: Sermon on the Mount

? Homily #080203 ( 21min) Play - Fr. Angelo preaches on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, explaining that the Beatitudes are not opposed to the Ten Commandments as some try to claim but…
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