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Audio – Fr. Angelo – Mary Coredemptrix

For the Life of the World #5 – Fr. Angelo explains Mary’s role at the foot of the cross. >>> Play

Ave Maria!

Using a quote by St. Bonaventure, “What our Lady gave birth to in joy at Bethlehem she gives birth in sorrow at Calvary.?? and “Our Lady bore, paid and processes the price of our Redemption,?? Fr. Angelo explains how our Lady cooperated in our redemption as she stood at the foot of the cross at Calvary. Come listen to this audio on Our Lord and Lady’s sufferings on this Good Friday.

Ave Maria!


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  • Sue says:

    Ave Maria!

    This is the best presentation on Co-Redemption that I have ever heard. I would look forward to seeing this valuable exchange between Fr.’s Elias and Angelo on video.

    For all of us who as Catholics are looking for the REAL thing, rest assured, Air is it! Thanks for your sacrifices which afford us this chance, in our day, to be refreshed by truth!

    God Bless, and AVE MARIA!