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Ave Maria!

At the Saint Paul Street Evangelization 2017 retreat for Evangelists called Lumen Veritatis at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center, Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia gives the first of six talks: "How to get to Heaven." He answers the question, "Is it difficult or easy to get to Heaven?" Getting to Heaven seems so complicated - faith, the sacraments, justification, good works, grace, merit, purgatory, indulgences. How do we make sense of it all so we can explain how to get to heaven to others and work out our own salvation?

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  • Carolina moore says:

    Hiya. I can’t hear this talk. I have my volume button on high but
    It’s still quite faint. I love listening to these talks from the franciscans so I’m so disappointed not to be able to hear properly. Thank you. Carolina.

  • Damian Vigorito says:

    Audio isn’t audible and this isn’t the only time.

    • Fra Roderic says:

      Ave Maria!

      Thanks for the feedback Damian. The problem seems to be on mobile devices only. Is this consistent with your experience? I seem to have found the solution and will rerender the bad videos and upload new ones. I did this for the “Overcoming Vice and Sin” video. Does that one sound better? In the mean time you can listen on a laptop or, if on a mobile, it sounds great with earphones or a headset.

      – Fra Roderic

  • Fra Roderic says:

    Ave Maria! The audio should now be fixed for mobile devices. Let me know how it works.
    – Fra Roderic

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