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FiNews – Amsterdam Marian Conference – Its Live Now

By May 31, 2008March 1st, 2019AirMaria Updates

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  • Coletta says:

    Ave Maria!

    Dear Fathers and Brothers,

    This was amazing and beautiful! Great quality video and sound.
    I was able to record it with realplayer. Hopefully I can share it with my beloved Colettine Poor Clares in Minooka, IL who could not watch all of it.

    May God reward you through Mary!

  • Stevevn van Weede says:

    Dear friars,

    I was there and I enjoyed it, so I did not see the live stream. Is it recorded on the website so that it can be watched or is it only a live stream for real time?

    God bless

    Steven van Weede

  • ROY S. TENN says:

    Dear Fra Rodric Mary will the talks at the Marian symposium in Amsterdam be available on DVD or as text format?

    Iwas able to view it on your live stream and would like to do a commentary on all the taks that were presented by Fr. Peter Fehlner, Mons. Calkins, Dr. Judith Gentle and others which I found very interesting in support of the Dogma of Our Lady as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate.

    Thanks very much for allowing me to view this important Marian conference which I was allowed to see on wide screen computer.

    I was in thouch with our good friend Mike Coffey during breaks in the talks.

    Roy Tenn.

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