AirMaria Updates
May 31, 2008

FiNews – Amsterdam Marian Conference – Its Live Now

Ave Maria! Testing is continuing up till the start of the conference at 7:30am this morning but we are currently live from Amsterdam. Come watch here: VIEW LIVE! and add any of your…
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AirMaria UpdatesFi News
April 30, 2012

Fi News – AirMaria iPad/iPhone Viewing Available

Ave Maria! If you are using an iPad or iPhone you can now view videos directly on AirMaria without having to go to YouTube. Apple does not allow the Flash Player (which up…
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Fr. TitoHomilySt. Mary's, Baltic, CT
July 16, 2014

Jul 06 – Homily – Fr Tito: A View From the Mountain of Humility

Homily #140706t ( 07min) Play - Listen here to a homily on humility by Fr. Tito. Ave Maria! Mass: 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday - Form: OF Readings:  1st: zec 9:9-10 Resp:…
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