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Ave Maria!

If you are using an iPad or iPhone you can now view videos directly on AirMaria without having to go to YouTube. Apple does not allow the Flash Player (which up till now was universally accepted) on their iOS devices like iPad so it requires some extra effort to get a site to play video on them (although all Android devices like Samsung and Droid can play Flash). Since iPad and iPhone are taking up more and more of the viewing share and even Adobe, who makes Flash, is abandoning it, we decided to make the effort to accommodate Apple mobile users. Currently about 75% of the our videos are viewable on iPad and the rest (generally our oldest ones) will be available soon.

So if you are on an iPad or iPhone just click on the view button normally and then look for the iPad button that you see to the right and click on it. On the other hand if you see the “No iPad” button that you see to the left then you are out of luck. Although, you will probably find it on YouTube.

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