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Yes We Won the Silver Fish Award

Ave Maria!

Yes, we did win the ‘Silver Fish Award’ at the Vatican’s International Catholic Film Festival in the categories of Best Film, and Best Actor/Actress. This is for the feature length motion picture titled “Duns Scoto” on the life of Bl. John Duns Scotus that the FI’s in Italy produced in conjunction with TVCO. Not bad for our first feature length video. Well done Fr. Alfonso Bruno and team! Deo Gratias!
Here is the English trailer from TVCO:


You can see more on this film Duns Scoto with these AirMaria articles:

Ave Maria!

9 Responses to “Yes We Won the Silver Fish Award”

  1. Marie Says:


    Ave Maria!

  2. Other Mary Says:

    How wonderful! Of course now you’ve teased us with the English trailer…we want an English version of the film!!

  3. Jen Says:

    Do you have a version with subtitles coming out? Would love to see it. Congratulations.

  4. Darlene Says:

    Yes, english version

  5. apostolate Says:

    Ave Maria!

    Thanks for the encouraging words, everyone. There is a DVD with English subtitles. I am working on getting the copies of DVD or at least ordering information from Italy. I will keep you posted.

    Fra Roderic

  6. Alexandria Murray Says:


  7. Marco Zazzera Says:

    Ave Maria, Fra Roderic and friends.

    This is Marco from TVCO in Italy, the coproducer and international distributor of DUNS SCOTUS.

    We are talking to some interested distributors in the US, and you all may be able to purchase a DVD of the film, soon, God willing!

  8. apostolate Says:

    Ave Maria!


    Thank you, for the information and congratulations for winning the award. We are looking forward to seeing the whole movie.

    God bless!

    Fra Roderic

  9. MrsV Says:

    Ave Maria! Yes, people keep asking us when we will be able to see the film in English…..esp. since my Italian language skills are at a preschool level! Can’t wait. Pax et Bonum.

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