Video – Face of Pro-Life #136: Leticia Velasquez Abortion and Down Syndrome

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Ave Maria!

Leticia Velasquez enlightens us on the life of the great geneticist Dr. Jerome Lejeune and explains the plight of Down Syndrome children who are being aborted at the rate of 90% where the high-tech process of prenatal testing masks a rather Hitlarian industrial elimination of the weakest members of our society. She discusses:

  • How abortion for Down Syndrome is promoted to society and individual mothers.

  • How these Hitlarian policies are coming very close to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

  • The beauty of Down Syndrome Children

  • How the work of Dr. Jerome Lejeune was used to abort these children, against his intentions

  • How Dr. Lejeune's cause for beatification has been accepted by the Vatican

  • Her interview with the wife of Dr. Lejeune

  • How his research has lead to the opening of new cures for many of the symptoms of Down Syndrome

Ave Maria!

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