St. Joseph Cupertino

Fr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
September 18, 2008

Sep 18 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: St. Joseph Cupertino

Homily #080918 ( 8min) Play - On this Feast of St. Joseph Cupertino, Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia describes the life of this great saint who despite many limitations and difficulties in regard to natural…
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Fr. BonaventureGriswold, CTHomily
September 18, 2010

Sep 18 – Homily – Fr Bonaventure: The Flying Saint

Homily #100918 ( 06min) Play - On this Feast of St. Joseph Cupertino Fr. Bonaventure preaches on the firm basis on which this saint flew to the heights of sanctity. He did not…
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Fr. Peter FehlnerHomilyShrine, La Crosse, WI
September 18, 2015

Sep 18 – Homily – Fr Peter: Stigmata and Levitation

Homily #150918l ( 13min) Play - Fr. Peter celebrates a votive Mass for St. Francis and explains the miracle of the Stigmata, the imprinting of the marks of the crucified in his flesh,…
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Fr. Alan WhartonHomilyNew Bedford, MA
September 18, 2017

Sep 18 – Homily: Elevated in Love, St. Joseph of Cupertino

  St. Joseph of Cupertino was renowned for mystical gifts, but his greatest virtue was love, which made the others pleasing to God. Raised high, literally through the gift of flight and elevation,…
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Bloomington, INFr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
September 18, 2020

St. Joseph Cupertino, Flying to God – Sep 18 – Homily – Fr Ignatius

  Fr Ignatius gives the homily at Bloomington, IN on Sep 18, 2020, the feast of St. Joseph Cupertino on how his miraculous ability to levitate was due to his great humility and…
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