Dr. Mark MiravalleMarycast Specials
October 4, 2010

Video – Peace in Eucharistic, Pope and Mary – Dr. Miravalle: Mcasts90

MaryCast Specials #90 ( 09min) Play - Dr. Mark Miravalle continues his miniseries on finding "Peace in a Peaceless Age" through Eucharistic Adoration, the Pope and Mary. Here he covers all three of…
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ConferencesCoredemptionCoredm La Crosse 2010
October 14, 2010

Video – Conferences #88: La Crosse 2010 6/7, Mass Highlights

Conferences #88 -Abp. Burke preaches at the Mass for the Coredemption  Conference ( 33min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Here are some highlights from the Mass at our Symposium "Mother of the Church" on…
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Benedict XVINewsSaints
November 6, 2010

Pope dedicates the General Audience to Blessed Angela of Foligno

Ave Maria! The pope dedicates one of his General Audiences to Blessed Angela of Foligno 1248-1309 a great Franciscan Blessed. Does this mean she is closer to Canonization? CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Bl. Angela of…
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ConferencesNewman-Scotus DC 2010
November 25, 2010

Video – Conferences #98: Scotus Newman – Panel 1- Q1 – Pope’s Comments

  Conferences #98 - Dr. Noone addressing a question ( 11min) >>> Play Ave Maria! On the first night of the Newman-Scotus Symposium we have the first Panel discussion. Fr. James McCurry asks the…
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Fi News
December 10, 2010

Video – Fi News #91: Traditional Franciscans?

Fi News #91 - F.I. Co Founder Fr. Gabriel Maria Pelletieri  ( 04min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Here Fr. Gabriel is asked, "Why are the Franciscans of the Immaculate switching over to the…
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Benedict XVIFrom the Web
January 1, 2011

Pope’s Agenda for 2011: Four international trips and two books

December 29, 2010. Benedict XVI will turn 84 years old in April and it will mark is sixth year as Pope. However, this is not stopping him from planning a year with thousands…
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A Day With MaryVariety
February 23, 2011

Video – Variety #123: A Catholic Venture In London

Variety #123 - Fr Raphael Maria ( 07min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Find out why this Catholic Priest knelt in a Non-Catholic Church. Ave Maria! Audio (MP3) +++
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Dr. Mark MiravalleMarycast Specials
March 10, 2011

Video – OLO All Nations: Ask the Pope – Dr. Miravalle: Mcasts104

MaryCast Specials #104 ( 09min) Play - Dr. Mark Miravalle relates how Mary asks us to ask the pope to pray the prayer of The Lady of All Nations. This prayer is to…
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ConferencesCourage Chicago 2011
August 13, 2011

Video – Conferences #147: Bp. Olmsted – Faith and Fidelity Today

Conferences #147 - Bp. Olmsted on the elements of faith needed for courage today ( 57min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Bishop Timothy L. Olmsted of Phoenix, AZ gives a talk called "Blessed are…
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Benedict XVIFra Roderic MaryRoving Reporter
August 19, 2011

Video – Roving Reporter #121: Welcoming Celebration Plaza De Cibeles Madrid

Roving Reporter #121 - Friar Roderic on the Pope's welcoming ( 04min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Friar Roderic gives a rundown of the grand Welcoming Celebration for Pope Benedict last night at the…
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Benedict XVIFi NewsYouth
August 20, 2011

FiNews – Lightning, Thunder and Rain at WYD Vigil

Ave Maria! Lightning bolts come down at the vigil at WYD. No one got hurt. But many got wet. Below is a photo by Fra Didacus. Nice!! Below is a professional photo by…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerGriswold, CTHomily
August 21, 2011

Aug 21 – Homily – Fr Angelo: The Authority to Teach, Govern, and Sanctify

Homily #110821 ( 25min) Play - Fr. Angelo preaches on the authority of St. Peter given by Our Lord Himself to teach, govern, and sanctify the Chuch. Ave Maria! Mass: 21st Sunday in Ordinary…
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