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FiNews – Lightning, Thunder and Rain at WYD Vigil

By August 20, 2011Benedict XVI, Fi News, Youth

Ave Maria!

Lightning bolts come down at the vigil at WYD. No one got hurt. But many got wet.

Below is a photo by Fra Didacus. Nice!!

Below is a professional photo by Nice! Which do you like best?


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  • Joanne says:

    Ave Maria! Our Lord decided to show His own presence in a special way even going so far as to provide a light show! Fra Didicus that is the best picture by a long shot! The rain was a blessing as well – every drop of rain was a 20 decade gold rosary of grace (my prayer) from the Lord Jesus as well as much more. I know our Lord was saying to the Pope and to the crowd – “I will rain grace and mercy upon you all and your loved ones and yes the whole world!” I like it when the Lord Jesus steps in and interrupts the program to make a statement – He is the Boss! And He is the ultimate nice Boss! Yeah! Thanks Lord Jesus!!! I love you Lord Jesus! Let it rain grace & mercy Lord! 🙂 Great videos Fra Roderic!

  • ugo says:

    isnt it beautiful when Christ does things like this,the pictures are beautiful and i am sure that He brought blessings for everyone there and every other person praying for them.Gods blessing all.

  • Pete Scozzare Sr. says:

    Fra Didicus rules!!!

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