Fr. Angelo GeigerSpirit, Faith and Family
December 30, 2006

Video – Fr. Angelo – How Gibson’s ‘The Passion’ helps us to know Christ

Nacepf Video #3 - Host John Primeau and Fr. Angelo Geiger, FI discuss how Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion" helps us to know Christ. >>> Play   Ave Maria! Filmed two years ago…
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Fra Roderic MaryRoving Reporter
September 30, 2007

Video – Roving Reporter #15: Cross at Ground Zero

Roving Reporter #15 - John Solicia who discovered the Cross at Ground Zero. (10min) >>> Play Ave Maria! While we were in NY on 9/11 we ran into John Solicia who found the…
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Benedict XVIDr. Mark MiravalleMarycast SpecialsNews
February 16, 2008

Video – Dr Mark Miravalle – MaryCast Specials #1: Pope Benedict XVI Talks About The Role of Mary in The Project of Salvation

Marycast Specials #1 ( 10min) Play - During the 16th World Day of the Sick on February 11, The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI gives his strongest statement yet on the direct participation…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerHomily
March 16, 2008

Mar 16 – Homily – Fr Angelo: Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord

? Homily #080316 ( 16min) Play - First we sing, "Hosanna", and then we come into the chapel and say, "Crucify Him". Are we really the friends of Jesus? Let ask?Our Blessed Mother…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerHomily
May 19, 2008

May 19 – Homily – Fr Angelo: Heavenly Wisdom

Homily #080519 ( 10min) Play - Wordly wisdom comes from experiencing the world but supernatural wisdom comes from experiencing God. Listen as Fr Angelo explains how through following the commandments of God, maintaining…
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Fr. BonaventureHomily
June 6, 2008

Jun 06 – Homily – Fr. Bonaventure: Rule through the Cross

Homily #080606 ( 08min) Play - Our Lord came not to rule in human terms but in love, through the cross, which is a stumbling block to the chosen people. Ave Maria! Mass…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerHomily
July 17, 2008

Jul 17 – Homily – Fr Angelo: My Burden is Light

Homily #080717 ( 07min) Play - Fr. Angelo Geiger explains the meaning of the today's Gospel where Our Lord will give us rest and yet will burden us at the same time. Through…
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Fr. BonaventureHomily
September 22, 2008

Sep 22 – Homily – Fr Bonaventure: The Light of the World

Homily #080922 ( 9min) Play - The light all receive in baptism is faith. We must be witnesses to our faith in the world by taking up our cross daily and follow Christ…
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November 7, 2008

Nov 7 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: True Lovers of the Cross of Christ

Homily #081107 ( 05min) Play - Be true lovers of the Cross of Christ and not an enemy of Christ who are set upon the things of this world. Ave Maria! Mass readings…
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The Dry Wood
November 22, 2008

The Dry Wood – Hilda Nicolosi – Christ The King

+++ Prayer Honoring Christ The King Jesus, you are my highest Authority. Jesus, you are my most beloved King. Jesus, you are my most holy and just Judge. Jesus, you are my merciful…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerHomily
February 19, 2009

Feb 19 – Homily – Fr Angelo: You Are the Christ

Homily #090219 ( 10min) Play - Peter affirms that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. This is when Jesus says to Peter, "You are the Rock upon which I will build…
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