November 25, 2017

Video – Is Skateboarding a Crime?

Ave Maria! Here is Friar Gabriel calling on all skateboarders to aim high: Hopefully, this video will create an awareness within the sk8boarding community of what should be obvious to us all. Thank…
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Marian News
March 3, 2018

Inquirer News: 5,000 people join ‘Walk for Life With Mary’ in Cebu to denounce killings 

Ave Maria!  In the Philippines, Archbishop Jose Palma led thousands of Catholics in a March for Life with Mary, protesting the government-led slaughter of drug users and dealers in the country.  Since President…
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Marian NewsNews
March 21, 2018

CNA/EWTN: Why the devil hates Mary – especially during exorcisms

Ave Maria!  An Italian exorcist has spoken up, linking recent worldwide attacks on the Virgin Mary to the devil's particular hatred for her.  See also these two articles if you wish; they discuss…
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Marian NewsNews
April 13, 2018

Aleteia: Policeman saves lives of three women — and credits the Virgin Mary

Ave Maria!  This morning, I enjoyed reading a beautiful, simple testimony about how Mary saved lives through a cop in Virginia.  Have a good time with the read. It's no coincidence what Officer…
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Marian NewsNews
July 27, 2018

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service: New sculpture installation to display diverse images of Virgin Mary

Ave Maria!  Some of Milwaukee's artists are reclaiming their alleyways from criminals, using Marian artwork.  It's a beautiful example of ingenuity, creativity and devotion. In the quiet alleyway at 26th and Mineral streets…
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