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Video – Standing Fast – Fr. Angelo Geiger #20: The Holy Grail
Fr. Angelo GeigerStanding Fast
January 18, 2008

Video – Standing Fast – Fr. Angelo Geiger #20: The Holy Grail

+++ Standing Fast #20 - Fr. Angelo on the spiritual meaning of the quest for the Holy Grail (7min) >>> Play Ave Maria! In this episode of Standing Fast, Fr. Angelo speaks of…
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Ave Maria MeditationsDevotionalJosephMary
August 15, 2008

The Ineffable Joy of Heaven at the Assumption of the Blessed Mother of Christ Jesus

Ave Maria Meditations August 15th: The Solemnity of the The Assumption MUNIFICENTISSIMUS DEUS Pope Pius XII Excerpts from the Apostolic Constitution defining "ex cathedra" (from the chair of Peter) the dogma of the…
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Glories of Mary
February 4, 2010

The Glories of Mary #14: Mary Our Advocate

The Necessity of the Intercession of Mary for our Salvation. STORY In Germany a man fell into a grievous sin; through shame he was unwilling to confess it; but, on the other hand,…
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