Video – Standing Fast – Fr. Angelo Geiger #20: The Holy Grail

By January 18, 2008April 9th, 2019Fr. Angelo Geiger, Standing Fast
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Ave Maria!

In this episode of Standing Fast, Fr. Angelo speaks of the different legends associated with the Holy Grail and how some people are still in search for it. Regardless if these are true or simply literary. Listen to how Fr. explains the spiritual meaning behind this quest, which is none other than a deep yearning - a quest - for Christ truly present in the Holy Eucharist. In this journey, our gaze is turned to the Blessed Virgin, the first tabernacle and the exemplar, on our "life long quest."

Ave Maria!

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  • Sir Knight Steven M. Forgette says:

    Dear Father,
    As a student of all things “Chivalric & Knightly” for the past 40 years and as an active Knight of Columbus for the past 20 years or more – I would like to share something with you that I hope you will find interesting. It refer to it as “Grail Knighthood & The Grail Code.”
    Grail Knighthood: Grail Knighthood is the highest form of Knighthood that there is. Jesus Christ, “The Grail King,” gave us the perfect definition of “Grail Knighthood” when He said, “For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give His Life as a ransom for many.” Grail Knights should be loyal to their King and follow His example. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and theLord of Lords is our model. As His faithful Knights, let us follow His lead and live lives of dedicated service to “God and our Neighbor!”
    The Grail Code: I am a Knight who has dedicated his life to living by “The Grail Code.” Therefore, I will always strive to know, love and serve the Lord, my God, with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength. I will always love my neighbor as I love myself. I will do unto others as I would have them do unto me. More importantly, I will do unto others as I would have them do unto those that I love. Finally, I will always follow the “New Commandment” that Jesus gave us at “The Last Supper,” which is, “Love one another as I have loved you.” This is the greatest Code to which any Knight can devotetheir life. It is “The Holy Grail of Chivalry!”

  • Fr Angelo says:

    Sir Steven,

    You might like this, if you have not already read it.

  • Sir Knight Steven M. Forgette says:

    Dear Father Angelo,

    I have indeed read the book “The Grail Code,” and I enjoyed it very much. It was part of my Lenten Reading last year. I was one of the Guardian Knights who participated in our perpetual adoration and I used the book as part of my prayers and meditation.

  • Sir Knight Steven M. Forgette says:

    Dear Father Angelo,
    Here are some “Chivalric Quotes” that I have always found very inspirational. I hope that you enjoy them also.
    Although the following was written by St. Bernard of Clairvoux in the 12th century, I believe that it should apply to all Knights, no matter what century they may live in:
    “A New Knighthood had appeared in the Land of The Incarnation, a Knighthood which fights a double battle, against adversaries of flesh and blood and against the Spirit of Evil. I do not think it a marvelous thing that these Knights resist physical enemies with physical force, because that, I know, is not rare. But they take up arms with Forces of the Spirit against vices and demons, and that I call not only marvelous, but worthy of all the praise given to men of God….The Knight who protects his soul with the Armor of Faith, as he covers his body with a coat of mail, is truly without fear and above reproach. Doubly armed, he fears neither men nordemons.”

    “A Knight may quest for The Holy Grail over land and sea, in many climes, without avail. Yet, he may find it in the cup of cold water, extended to a thirsty person at his own front door.”

    “The Quest for The Holy Grail is not something to be achieved – It is something to be lived, now & forever!”

    “A True Christian Knight’s life must be a combination of Prayer, Faith and Good Works. Prayer and Faith are absolutely necessary, but alone, they are not enough. Even the most sincere Prayers and strongest Faith is of no avail without Good Works. The Knight’s Good works are also essential to the Chivalric Life, but are by themselves, not sufficient. However, when all Three are combined – Prayer, Faith and Good Works – The Holy Vocation of Knighthood is truly complete.”

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