Bl John Duns Scotus

ConferencesSpring 2016 Marian Day
May 16, 2016

Video – Why Love Mary to the Max – CONF 327

Ave Maria! For our Spring 2016 Marian Day that has the theme "Loving Mary to the Max", Jonathan Fleischmann, a university professor of engineering, gives the first talk of two where he attempts to answer…
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ConferencesFr Peter Symposium ND
June 1, 2016

Video – Fr. Christiaan Kappes – Nazianzen’s Prepurified Virgin – CONF 311

Ave Maria! At the Symposium "Sursum Actio" at Notre Dame Univ. from Jun 8-9, 2015, in honor of the life work of Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, F.I.,  Fr. Christiaan Kappes, S.L.D., from the Byzantine Catholic Seminary…
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