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Ave Maria!

For our Spring 2016 Marian Day that has the theme "Loving Mary to the Max", Jonathan Fleischmann, a university professor of engineering, gives the first talk of two where he attempts to answer the question,"Why should you Love Mary to the Max". The short answer is that Jesus loves Mary to the max, therefore so should we. He outlines the many ramifications of this great love that Jesus has for his mother, how he bestowed so many gifts upon her and involved her not only in in his work of redemption, but also in his work of creation. As a result, although she is a finite creature and thus infinitely less that God, she is also immeasurably above all other creatures. He bases this on the teachings of Bl. John Duns Scotus who says that God created the world only on the condition that the Son of God would become incarnate as Jesus Christ and as such Mary, in whom the incarnation takes place, possesses the glory and holiness greater than which none other can be conceived except for God.  He links this to St. Anselm's proof for God's existence, but also to Kurt Godel's similar proof using modern mathematics.

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