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Mariology for Everyone #16 ( 27min) Play - Dr. Mark Miravalle continues his complete course on Mariology with this episode here he covers the events leading up to the dogmatic proclamation of the dogma and then how controversies developed in the west regarding the Immaculate Conception of Mary during the golden age of Scholasticism.

- Events leading to Proclamation in 1854
- - Pius IX in dire situation proposes dogmatic proclamation
- - Results in in new unity and devotion in the Church
- - Miraculous medal Rue du Bac 1832
- - Millions of petitions to the pope.
- - Storm breaks when proclaimed
- 12th Century Objections
- - St. Bernard of Clairvaux's objection
- - - Does not fit with way original sin was transmitted
- - St. Thomas Aquinas
- - - Universal redeemer not needed for Mary if Immaculate
- - Scotus' Solutions
- - - To St. Bernard - Original sin is a privation of grace not infection from flesh
- - - To St. Thomas - Mary is saved Preservatively
- - - - Grace of Jesus' future redemption pre-applied to Mary
- - - - Mud puddle analogy
- - - - Distinction between being saved and redeemed
- - - - Time-line of redemption, Immaculate Conception

This series is a complete 50 part introductory course on Mary presented by Dr. Miravalle, a theology professor specializing in Mariology, who has been teaching at the Franciscan University of Steubenville for over 25 years. General topics are as follows:

- Mary as revealed in the Sacred Scriptures, taught and explained by the Church Fathers, the Saints, and the Church's documents
- the proper ways to show childlike love and devotion to the Blessed Mother of Jesus;
- Church's official teaching on Marian apparitions over the centuries.

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