Raymond de Souza

Raymond de SouzaSpirit, Faith and Family
April 13, 2007

Video – Raymond de Souza: Calling the Laity to the Front Lines

Spirit, Faith and Family #13 - John Primeau hosts layman & apologist Raymond de Souza (26min) >>> Play   Ave Maria! Our vision of reality is what makes the difference in our lives:…
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Raymond de SouzaSpirit, Faith and Family
April 17, 2007

Video – Raymond de Souza: Catechism on Good & Evil & the Rise of Satanism

Spirit, Faith and Family #15 - Guest Raymond deSouza talks with host John Primeau (26min) >>> Play Ave Maria! When we reject Christ, does it mean that we simply stop attending church services?…
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AnnouncementRaymond de SouzaSpecial Event
August 1, 2007

Announcement – Raymond de Souza’s New Series on EWTN

Ave Maria! Don't miss our friend Raymond de Souza on his new series at EWTN, Jesus Christ True God and True Man discussing the solid basis for the claims of Christ's divinity and…
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CoredemptionLive ArchiveRaymond de SouzaVariety
October 30, 2007

Video – Coredemption Conference: Raymond de Souza

Short Video Series #7 - Raymond de Souza starts off the Coredemption Conference on a beautiful fall morning in Indianapolis (43min) Ave Maria! This has been superseded by this post. So here's…
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