Video – Raymond de Souza: Calling the Laity to the Front Lines

By April 13, 2007June 24th, 2008Raymond de Souza, Spirit, Faith and Family
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Ave Maria!

Our vision of reality is what makes the difference in our lives: we are either mediocre, somewhat average, or Catholic. On this episode, John talks with wonderful apologist and layman Raymond de Souza on the proper and powerful role of "the people in the pews??. Born in Brazil and now living in France, Raymond shares the story of his calling and gives many pearls of wisdom and encouragement to his listeners. One of the great graces he received was recognizing the power of the sacrament of Confirmation & it's mission to move him (and us) from the rank of citizen to the rank of soldier in the kingdom of Christ. [Visit Rayomnd's website: ]

Ave Maria!

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