Video – Raymond de Souza: Catechism on the Eucharist

By April 25, 2007June 24th, 2008Raymond de Souza, Spirit, Faith and Family
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Ave Maria!

When the priest says to us at the altar, "The Body of Christ,?? do we really know what (Who) we're receiving? In this episode, guest Raymond deSouza gives a powerful catechism on the Eucharist in the hopes of reevanglizing baptized Catholics. During His earthly ministry, Christ performed many miracles, then asked for one act of faith: "Believe in the Eucharist because I ask you to.?? Unlike a lot of priests & even bishops today, Christ was not afraid of losing the entire congregation when He taught on the Eucharist. Raymond also gives a fascinating explanation & answer to a question posed by host John Primeau: "Why is the body of the dead incensed during a funeral mass??? Hint: it's also tied into the reality of the Eucharist.

Ave Maria!

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