St. Joseph of Cupertino, High Holiness – Sep 18 – Homily – Fr John Lawrence

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Fr John Lawrence gives the homily at Bloomington, IN, on Sep 18, 2023, feast of St. Joseph of Cupertino, on the life of this marvelous saint, who was very incompetent at almost all things he tried, yet was very humble, prayerful, and joyful, and grew in holiness to the point that he was given the gift of frequent levitation, becoming the patron saint of aviators.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino, born in challenging circumstances, faced adversity throughout his life, marked by miraculous events and divine guidance, ultimately becoming a humble yet extraordinary figure known for levitations and spiritual insights. His deep devotion to Our Lady and his extraordinary spiritual experiences drew crowds and earned him both veneration and scrutiny by the Inquisition, leading to various relocations within the Franciscan order. After his death, his heart was examined, which bore scorch marks due to the intensity of divine love that burned within him.

00:00 - Introduction
00:08 - Early Life
00:51 - Joining the Franciscans
03:01 - Becoming a Priest
06:38 - Miraculous Episodes
09:21 - Supernatural Gifts
10:15 - Fame and Pilgrimages
11:11 - Investigations and Travels
13:29 - Final Years and Death

Ave Maria!

Mass: St. Joseph of Cupertino - Feast -
Readings:  -
1st: 1co 12:31, 13:1-10, 13
Resp: psa 25:1-5, 8-10
Gsp: mat 11:25-30

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