Best Response to Our Problems – Saturday, Nov 26 – Homily – Fr Terrance

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Fr Terrance gives the homily at Bloomington, IN, on Saturday, Nov 26, 2022, on how we need to avoid much of the disturbing news that seems to hint at the end times, which the liturgy points to during this season before Advent. We must not get too caught up in the anxious events of our times; Rather, we must go deep, below the turbulent water at the surface and into God's presence, where we will find peace and grow in holiness.

Luke 21: 36

In the garden, Jesus says to the apostles, watch and pray that you may not undergo the test. Mat 26 41

Luke 21: 34 prayer to have the strength to avoid the trap

Avoid things that trouble our mind

St Theresa of Avila speaks of two parts of the soul, sensitive and spiritual

Like the ocean, it is one, but the top part is turbulent, and the deep part is quiet, where God communes with us.

We must God deep and find God, go interior, be docile to God's teaching

Be recollected, avoid dissipation

Martha, you are anxious about many things Luke 10: 41 -

Parable of the sower seed in thorns grow but get distracted by cares of this world Luke 8: 14

1 John 4: 1 Discern the spirits

When not in grace, a troubled mind means the action of the Holy Spirit

When in grace troubled mind often means the action of the devil.

Galatians 5: 22 -

Avoid unnecessary anxieties

1 Pet 5: 7 cast your anxieties on the Lord, turn anxiety into prayer, cast the net into the deep

Seek first the  Mat 6: 30-31

Challenge God by putting Him first

Ask Our Lady to pray for us to forget our turbulent times and focus on her Son.

Ave Maria!

Mass: St. Leonard of Port Maurice - Mem
Readings: Saturday in the 34th Week in Ordinary Time -
1st: rev 22:1-7
Resp: psa 95:1-7
Gsp: luk 21:34-36

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