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Live Symposium, Mary in the Redemption: A Global Perspective Day 1

By September 14, 2018Live Archive, Live Events

Ave Maria!

We will make a new post for tomorrows Broadcast starting at 10am Saturday, Sept 15th Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows


The live stream from Ave Maria University in Naples Florida


Symposium of the International Marian Association FRIDAY SCHEDULE, September 14, 2018

  • 12:47 – Dr. Mark Miravalle, President, International Marian Association, Greeting and Opening Comments
  • 25:02 – Most Reverend David Ricken, Bishop of Green Bay –“Our Lady of Good Help”
  • 1:06:19 – Dr. Robert Fastiggi, Professor of Mariology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI – “The Theology of Mary in the Redemption”
  • 2:01:55 – Mr. Joshua Mazrin, Director of Evangelization, Diocese of Venice, FL – “Mary in the Redemption, the New Evangelization, and the Youth”)

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